Wish Me Luck..

This weekend I have been mostly writing to web sites / search engines / blog sites / magazines / publications in the hope of an opportunity to write a short article in relation to either Writing and Poetry or a more personal article about Life, My Children and Osteogenesis Imperfector (Brittle Bone Disease)  Obviously I wont receive any payment (just yet) and I’m well aware that these sites probably get bombarded with stuff but I am very optimistic plus I’m gathering knowledge and learning from the experience.

The hope of being given a chance to contribute a written piece to be published no matter how minor it may be is spurring me on. My aim is to hopefully make this into a part time career but it’s early days yet.  

I would be extremely grateful if anyone has any Information regarding websites / blogs / magazines that look for article writers and that are relevant to the subject matter above.  (There are various other topics that I would like to write about but for now I prefer to stick with the subjects that I feel most confident in)  

Sending best wishes to you all

– darkestangelica –  


** In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity **
(Albert Einstein)