Behind The Mask

This mask I wear isn’t to protect my own skin.

Precariously balanced above my once smile, now grim.

Lips sewn shut tight, eyes so alive vibrant with fright.

This mask I wear rids me of pride, confidence lost spirit has died.

Yet this mask is my saviour, for no other reason but…

It shields others from the truth, I so cleverly cover up.



He sits alone, a lost soul, long since detached from society.
Welcoming the darkness to hide in its shadows.
Clinging to the fringes of sanity.
Destroyed by endless pressures,  he watches and waits as the walls edge closer.
Slowly at first, increasing rapidly with each shallow gasp for air.
Feeble arms outstretched attempting to resist the now inevitable blow.
Relentless submission apparent once more.