Darkestangelica and Me

Welcome to My Blog.

Here I explore the random ramblings and inspired imagination of  ‘Darkestangelica and her new-found passion for creative writing. No structure! No boundaries! Using poetry, Impulse writing and general topics of Interest.

If you have stopped by to take a look – Thank you – :0)

Having a fascination with all things morbid is my darker side, being a loving parent to three wonderful (when they want something) children is my brighter side.  In my spare time I  help organise Charity Fundraising Events and assist with local voluntary work, however most of my time is taken up looking after our daughter and two sons.

I love to let my mind run wild.  I find writing an amazing way to relax and escape from reality for a while.


* I often appeared to be a little bemused, allowing myself to become overwhelmed by my own lack of certitude. My children gave me the desire to overcome my fears, taught me how to live life again. Enthusiastic optimism is what drives me.now. Finding out I had a passion for poetry has been great therapy for me too. I have achieved my own status as a self titled ‘fanatical fantasiser’ who writes poetry and verse for pleasure with a humble yet great sense of pride.*




*Written word and published scripts remain the property of the Creator/Author. *——darkestangelica——* *——deep dark deviants —–* The Interpretation and information contained in the creative parts of my blog I present in good faith. Some issues maybe sensitive to individuals. Readers are advised that where ethical views are involved sometimes controversial ones that they have a personal responsibility for making their own assessments and judgements. It is not my intention to upset or offend anyone. *——————————————————————–* Pictures/graphics I have displayed are to the best of my knowledge for Public domain usage (unless otherwise stated).

6 thoughts on “Darkestangelica and Me

  1. I think that I will have to call here agian my friend, I was
    just visiting my friend Zahir when I noticed your Gravatar
    but as I am leaving for the morning I will have to return
    on the morrow… Do have an excellent Thursday and as
    the weekend beckons, perhaps a wicked adventure :)

    Perhaps you will call into
    My Gothic Realm sometime…



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