Set Sail..

A ship with no sails (1)    ( 20/11/2011 )

Entering unknown territory
Everyone has a dark side
Expressing inner thoughts
Exploring creative writing

*********            **********

A ship with sails (2)   ( 7/4/2012 )

Encouraged by my critics
Excited for their mum
Embarking on a journey
Experience..  I have none

Enthusiastic energy laced with passion, traits you’ll see
Expressing raw emotion the desire to achieve
Effective liberation allows words to flow so free
Establishing the write to say these words have come from me

Eccentric thoughts
Emotional greed
Engaging in fantasy
Empowered by need

Exotic imaginations tell the most elaborate of tales
Eradicating any doubt this ship now glides with sails

* It is far better to set sail within the company of others than to set sail alone*