Bullets, Bullets Everywhere

Lincoln (my youngest son) and I have been at the hospital for the past 10 days. Lincoln had a very bad accident whilst at nursery and broke his femur. He spent his fourth birthday in hospital having an operation (on his actual birthday) He is the bravest little boy I know (and the cutest)

Obviously due to our recent family events I have not had the time to put pen to paper although my mind has been rather overactive with expression and emotion.

I would like to share something with you all that I know you will appreciate and understand my reasons for wanting to post such an expressive piece of writing

The following poem was written by my eldest son (Daniel age 13) for the anger he said, the anger that hurt inside his chest watching his little brother having to endure so much already at such a young age and he feels so helpless as he cannot do anything to make it better for him.

I am so proud of you Daniel for the mature attitude you possess and the way you are so protective over your brother and sister they are lucky to have a big brother like you (who else would they use as a human climbing frame and annoy relentlessly with their constant chatter and cheeky behaviour) :) xx

*- Bullets bullets Everywhere -*

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Bullets bullets Everywhere

Bodies are flying and no one cares

The I.C Comes over and asks his squad ‘are you hurt?’

As a few men slowly die and keel over in the dirt

One man is injured this means diamond formation

A grenade flies in and blasts delta team out of creation

Only Charlie team is left so its split into two

As eight becomes four, there’s not much left to do

Charlie moves forward the enemy is near

They begin flanking, so they can disappear

‘Half of you move, the other half support’

Once they decided,  they put into action

what they’d been taught.

Once it had ended and the battle was won

Charlie came out on top, the enemy was done

Yet another win for the  U.K Army

This really is a great victory.

Bullets bullets were everywhere

Bullets were flying now everyone cares

Banners and flags, hanging from windows

The U.K’s lit up by everyone’s Zippo’s.

Daniel Babb (Age 13)

5 thoughts on “Bullets, Bullets Everywhere

  1. I wish I could pop out of your monitor screen to hug you and wipe away the tears you shed! You are a fighter and give me a motivation of how to be prepared for any thing life may offer!
    You really are a very strong mother – mothers cant even see their child shedding tears and you see your child breaking bones and going through recovery! I wish you all the best for your life! Lincoln is certainly so fortunate to have such cooperate siblings! Daniel is lovely – simply adorable to care so much for the family!
    Many blessings to all of you,


  2. Your words just made me have a chill down my spine. Infact i shed a little tear :0) Thank you for your kindness and offer of support it is much appreciated. Sending many hugs to you. Xx


  3. I am sure Lincoln is one of the bravest fighter on the planet! I love that boy, if you need any help emotionally, mentally or in any way, you always have my hand – you can mail me anytime sweetheart!
    This poem by Daniel moved me and I have chills down my spine! I am so glad that he can understand the family problems and so far you are the proudest mother lovely! I wish your family happiness and love along with good health and recovery to Lincoln! Love to Daniel and your little angelic daughter!! Salute to you for being such a fighter mother, lovely!!
    My best wishes, prayers and blessings are always with your family!!
    Much love,


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