Wish Me Luck..

This weekend I have been mostly writing to web sites / search engines / blog sites / magazines / publications in the hope of an opportunity to write a short article in relation to either Writing and Poetry or a more personal article about Life, My Children and Osteogenesis Imperfector (Brittle Bone Disease)  Obviously I wont receive any payment (just yet) and I’m well aware that these sites probably get bombarded with stuff but I am very optimistic plus I’m gathering knowledge and learning from the experience.

The hope of being given a chance to contribute a written piece to be published no matter how minor it may be is spurring me on. My aim is to hopefully make this into a part time career but it’s early days yet.  

I would be extremely grateful if anyone has any Information regarding websites / blogs / magazines that look for article writers and that are relevant to the subject matter above.  (There are various other topics that I would like to write about but for now I prefer to stick with the subjects that I feel most confident in)  

Sending best wishes to you all

– darkestangelica –  


** In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity **
(Albert Einstein)




8 thoughts on “Wish Me Luck..

  1. Hey good luck with this idea Darkest Angelica,
    it may not be an easy road to success but the
    challenge will keep you on your toes :) ;)

    Have a great evening
    and an excellent Wednesday :)

    Androgoth XXx


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