The Regime

**(Caution: Content may offend)**

Not a matter of choice

born in to this world

I’m silenced by voice.

Not a craze nor a fad

this life is for eternal

No freedom to be had.

Dedication to the cause

we share the same belief

by embracing ‘The Society’

from burden comes relief.

Torn again from sleep

sadistic rituals enforced

Now a major focal point

A valid opportunity to boast.

I believe in the Devil

I’m true to my word

No angels will save us

No souls will be spared.

If there was a holy man

a kingdom full of heaven

No evil cult or sinful sect

would harm a child of seven.

‘Our Leader The Great One’

who’s Looked up to with awe

Is the Devil himself

dictating his own law.

This demonic disorder

is what binds us as one

Strict regime is the order

fear commands it be done.

Abiding by rules and

bizarre like behaviour

We worship ‘Supremacy’

‘The Adversary ‘Our Saviour.’

Married into ‘The family’

to lead a life of manic harmony

Is where I shall reside

till self requests for death.

become far to tempting to deny..