The Inspiring Blog Award

A big thank you to a fellow blogger http://tallstories who kindly nominated me for this award. May I take this opportunity to congratulate Tim on his award, It is well deserved..  :)


7 random facts about me:

  • When I left school I worked on a production line packing spirits for M&S (the alcoholic kind not the ghostly ones)
  • I have no idea nor do I wish to know whom my biological parents are as I was adopted as a baby.
  • I used to own a Lexus (unfortunately I wrote it off)
  • I laughed so much once that I actually did a wee..  :)
  • I buy cheap ‘tacky’ jewellery wear it once then store it in one of many boxes filled with the stuff.
  • I don’t like ice-cream
  • I met Bob Geldof many years ago at Live aid.

I am pleased to pass ‘The Inspiring Blog Award on to the following blog sites:

Congratulations to you all  :)  :)

Keep on inspiring….   :)

6 thoughts on “The Inspiring Blog Award

  1. lol one of the fact about u is , u r kind and awesome :P
    hey thanx 4 nominating me :) yey , every thing was going wrong these days cox exams are on head ,studies are despair so i needed a reward.
    (Speech finished, Standing ovation , crowd clapping )
    Thank u thank u for the award, i will wrote a thank back post :P when ma exams will finished .
    c ya


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