Misplaced Key

I have spent some time away from here due to recent family events, when I got the chance to put pen to paper last week I discovered to my horror that in my absence I seem to have lost my mojo.

Inspiration is not really a problem I have lots of that.  There is no flow to my writing. The results are just a  mish-mash of good ideas that I’m simply ruining.

When I first started to write it became like a type of therapy for me … An escapism! Whilst I was enjoying my creative streak I was bowled-over to also discover the benefits of belonging to a great community of like-minded people.  

I don’t want to be left out of this loop…  

I would be grateful of any tips to get me up and running again. Thank you x   :0)

The following was written in frustration. I decided to publish it because it’s the only piece that actually makes some sense amongst my growing pile of papers.

It is a vicious circle from red right through to purple                                               Painted rainbow is the colour making lives we lead much fuller

Don’t write me off I will be back for inspiration is not where I lack
 No written verse can I complete no paragraph can I make meet

The words are there on various pages though the time it’s taken seems like ages
 Outlined ideas that are eventually appearing make no sense there is no feeling

Impatiently I am waiting for the key that does unlock the nightmare that I’m having..
 This is ‘My Writers Block’ …

I don't know what you're talking about. I haven't seen any keys!