A Sinister Act

No recognition of face
as if never before seen…

Sheer disbelief at words spoken
whilst hearing his claim
Unexplainable lack of evidence
concludes – no proof left for trace

Stripped of all hope
hearing words we did fear
Driven suddenly by rage
the need for justice so clear

Time may have elapsed
yet the anger is still raw
Recalling smug faced grin
self assuming.. above law

No name prides him now
not worthy of title
For acts of pure violence
no sane mind can allow

Over sized frame
built heavy thick-set
before hand when noticed
sheer terror caused huge threat

‘Time served’ for his crimes
makes no difference to us
Slapped wrist, behind bars
was no way enough fuss

Skulking in the underground
since banished from above
Life amongst the sewer rats
is still deemed far to good

A Monster, a demon
a murderer of soul

Apt terms for notoriety
when headless corpse unveils
Sinister acts of sweet revenge
A reversal of the role

14 thoughts on “A Sinister Act

  1. Darkest Angelica…

    You have a raw talent
    and a most dark expression…

    Have a ghoulishly
    delightful Thursday…



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