Paper Tiger

Whilst your thoughtless intention to full fill your desire
Is to dance once again with the devil, play with fire.

You bring shame and disgrace to the foot of our door
all stops now! this instance, you’ll mock us no more.

Immoral intrusion brought about by your greed
forsaking all others with your self obsessed need.

Yet your arrogant front displays flaws, a fake essence

flaunting badge of honour, perhaps the ‘ignorance is bliss’.

But we know, don’t we Sir, we know it’s not true
as a man you lack the courage!.. oh yes Father that is the real you.

Declaration to no other, unanswered questions for your son,
avoiding any blame for all the damage that you’ve done.

The actions that you follow are those chosen by a coward..

Off you go now Daddy Dear, no need to dance, now run…..

Versatile Blogger Award

I am honoured to receive the Versatile blogger award from  a very talented lady who writes a fantastic blog. Thank you J. Michel  for your feedback and support.

It is only now that I have realised how the whole award system works. I am still very new to blogging so please do excuse me. It appears there are rules:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.

2. Share 7 random things about yourself.

3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.

4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

5. Add the versatile Blogger Award pic on your blog post.

I have already covered 1 and 5 above so the 7 random things  about me are:

* I am a Mother to three Children

* I listen to Rock music

* I have four tattoos

* I am a Carer for my youngest son who has Osteogenesis Imperfecta

* I love to sleep

* I am a Charity Fundraiser

* I am a control freak

If  I’m honest I don’t feel that I’ve earned the right to be passing out awards,  I’m still the ‘newbie’ blogger. I have only been blogging here for 3 months. However rules are rules so here goes..

The following nominees are extremely talented and well established writers whom I’m sure will already have a stack of well deserved awards. I have learned a lot from the following blog sites they are extremely well written, expressive and the content is always that of excellent quality.

:)   :)

A Sinister Act

No recognition of face
as if never before seen…

Sheer disbelief at words spoken
whilst hearing his claim
Unexplainable lack of evidence
concludes – no proof left for trace

Stripped of all hope
hearing words we did fear
Driven suddenly by rage
the need for justice so clear

Time may have elapsed
yet the anger is still raw
Recalling smug faced grin
self assuming.. above law

No name prides him now
not worthy of title
For acts of pure violence
no sane mind can allow

Over sized frame
built heavy thick-set
before hand when noticed
sheer terror caused huge threat

‘Time served’ for his crimes
makes no difference to us
Slapped wrist, behind bars
was no way enough fuss

Skulking in the underground
since banished from above
Life amongst the sewer rats
is still deemed far to good

A Monster, a demon
a murderer of soul

Apt terms for notoriety
when headless corpse unveils
Sinister acts of sweet revenge
A reversal of the role